Welcome to the Islamic Bank of Bitcoin

بنك بتكوين الاسلامي

The Islamic Bank of Bitcoin is a Shari'ah compliant Bitcoin banking organization that offers interest free loans and shared profit/loss joint ventures to people of all faiths in the Bitcoin community. Today, many banks are providing commodity trading finance for traders to purchase. People are showing interest in trading commodities like oil online. With the AI-powered auto trading system available now, people can trade Oil CFDs like a pro. A trading system like the Oil Profits app claims to deliver real-time news and broker information to guide your choices and help you avoid some common trading mistakes. However, you must conduct research to make an informed decision. For more information on this app, consider visiting oilprofit.de

The Islamic Bank of Bitcoin is at the forefront of Bitcoin finance. We believe that finance based on Islamic principles is an incredibly beneficial thing for Bitcoin. Having a strong Islamic bank that is prepared to share profit and risks in joint ventures could significantly boost the Bitcoin economy.


Making your finances easier

IBB offer to its respected customers the following banking products::

  • 0% fee, interest free loans
  • IBB bitcoin cheque
  • Services

    Creating new opportunites

    The services we are offering to the public:

  • Investments in shared profit/loss joint ventures
  • Steady income and profits from IBB dividends