IBB update January 16th 2013.

Following the great news about first successfully funded project at bitstarter.com, comes some good news for the investors of the IBB, as the next dividends will share an income of 8 BTC 6 BTC , incoming soon from dividends of our first successful project with our friends at BST.

Things with accounts information from GLBSE are step closer to an end as we have received what seems to be a final list containing all of the 1500 outstanding IBB shares. However there are still 138 shares not being claimed for by their owners.

There is a deadline on March 13th, 2013 for those who didn't claimed their shares to do so. After that mentioned period the unclaimed shares would be deleted/taken back by issuer.
If you still haven't received your accounts and equity information please use the GLBSE login form, and enter your correct details to claim your shares.

From the closing of another mining operation, IBB received 10.304 BTC for 322 mergedmining shares. This funds will be spent to purchase a small share in another mining operations.

5.161 BTC spent to buy some more NASTYMINING seats.

There are another 0.21 0.2799972 of those shiny bitcoin waiting in line for next dividend payout, received from few seats at the NastyFan club.

There's an offline loan of 5 BTC to Mr.G in Croatia due to February 8th 2013.